£1 Million Cannabis Factory Found Inside Abandoned Redbridge Hospital

15 August 2019, 14:59

Over 1000 plants were discovered and removed
Over 1000 plants were discovered and removed. Picture: PA

Police have shut down the factory inside the abandoned Mayesbrook Clinic in Redbridge.

The Metropolitan Police have removed 1000 cannabis plants from a cannabis factory in a derelict medical clinic.

The plants have a street value of over £1m and were being grown in more than 30 rooms.

The Met has called it one of the most "sophisticated" cannabis farming systems.

Detective Inspector Gareth Gilbert has called the discovery "a great catch for the Met".

He continued, "violence is one of the main by-products of the illegal drug industry, so it is imperative that we continue to tackle this problem head on".

“We will continue with our enquiries to establish who was the architect of this illegal operation and who was involved in maintaining it.” 

There have been no arrests at present.