The Six London Hotspots For Moped Thefts Of Mobile Phones

16 February 2018, 07:35 | Updated: 16 February 2018, 07:40

The Met Police has revealed the six roads at the centre of the moped theft epidemic.

London has seen a sharp rise in the number of mobile phones and handbags stolen by riders on mopeds.

The thieves ride with two people on a moped - which has usually been stolen so they cannot be traced.

The driver swerves on to a pavement when they see a pedestrian holding their phone and as they get close, the pillion passenger grabs the phone. They speed off before anyone can do anything about it.

Robbers in Knightsbridge escape on a moped
Robbers in Knightsbridge escape on a moped. Picture: Met Police

These are the six hotspots in London where the Met Police are urging pedestrians to be aware of mopeds:

1. Oxford Street

2. Regent Street

3. Bond Street

4. Upper Street

5. King's Road

6. Marylebone High Street

It's become a major issue in the capital, with even former Chancellor George Osborne shaken up when he was attacked by a moped. You can see that moment in the video below.

Police are struggling to get a handle on the situation and Colin, a serving police officer, told LBC the simple reason why - the criminals know police aren't allowed to chase them if they don't wear helmets.

He said: "Moped crime has gone up for one simple reason - we can't pursue them. They know that as well, we're not allowed to touch them if they don't wear a helmet.

"Even if they wear a helmet, it's still difficult. If you're pursuing someone through a city at high speed, you need back-up from a helicopter or another qualified driver."