Plans to scrap no-fault evictions are among those which now might not become law

Government accused of breaking promise to scrap no-fault evictions as bill now unlikely to pass

2 months ago

The bartender prepared the drinks but realised there was no salt to accompany the tequila shots, which is a key component of the popular drink.

Tiger Tiger nightclub fined £120,000 for using caustic soda instead of salt with tequila shots

7 months ago

5,070 complaints were made between April 2021 to May 2023

London council announces crackdown on buskers after thousands of noise complaints

11 months ago

Boris Johnson will appear in front of the privileges committee this week

Boris Johnson will share WhatsApp messages that 'prove' he did not mislead Parliament ahead of blockbuster inquiry

Ages ago

The wife of one of the Bishopsgate stabbing victims has given an update on his condition

Bishopsgate stabbing hero needed 52 stitches across his face, wife reveals

Ages ago

Ten people have been arrested after Animal Rebellion threw paint over the front gates of the Palace of Westminster

Ten arrests after eco activists chuck white paint over Houses of Parliament

Ages ago