No city deals with terrorist incidents as effectively as London: Defence expert

29 November 2019, 17:56

An expert on defence told LBC that London deals with terror attacks more efficiently that any other city following the London Bridge incident.

A terrorist was shot dead by police on London Bridge after stabbing a number of people earlier this afternoon.

Professor Michael Clarke, a specialist adviser to the House of Commons Defence Committee, told Eddie Mair that the city closes incidents down very quickly.

He said: "One thing that is notable and it doesn't get said enough. I don't know of any city in the world that can close down an incident as efficiently as this city does.

"Looking at the attack in 2017 outside parliament, from the first casualty on Westminster Bridge to his death in Parliament Square was 82 seconds.

Armed police on the streets of London
Armed police on the streets of London. Picture: PA

"And in the previous London Bridge attack, a cordon was thrown up, the SAS landed and the three terrorists were killed in eight and a half minutes.

"There is no other city I know of in the world that closes these things down quite as efficiently."

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