Michael Gove: We Don't Need A Day Of Rage We Need A Day Of Love

19 June 2017, 16:07

Following the recent atrocities across the capital there have been calls for a "day of rage". Michael Gove told Nick Ferrari London needs a "day of love".

Conservative MP Michael Gove spoke to Nick Ferrari following an attack on a Mosque last night, which killed one and left several others. 

Nick asked him: "You live and are raising a family in London, in light of the attack the other day that we saw in the early hours, in Finsbury Park, how safe is London?"

Mr Gove replied: "Well I think London is kept safe thanks to the amazingly vigilant work of Cressida Dick and the Metropolitan Police, and also by the farseeing and vigilant operation of our security and intelligence services.

"But you're right. I used to live just a stones throw from the Grenfell Tower and I have friends who live and work in the immediate neighbourhood, including in schools there, and I feel desperately for the situation that they face. 

"And also, you're right, I have two children who are school in London, and I worry about them every morning, as any parent would when they go to school. 

"But I also have the reassurance of knowing that London is one of the most successful, multicultural, cities, if not the most successful, multicultural city, in the world. 

"Londoners, as we've seen in the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster, are there for each other, and capable of showing tremendous compassion."

He added: "It seems as though that the Imam, and the community of that mosque, showed amazing compassion, and resilience, in making sure that the attacker was pinned down and handed over to the authorities.

"So, yes terrifying attack, difficult times, but also it's the case that within London, there is a reservoir of love, of resilience, of human compassion."

Nick then asked the MP about calls for a "day of rage" on Wednesday.

Mr Gove said: "I don't think we need days of rage, I think we need days of love."