David Cameron says Boris Johnson still has a "good chance" of getting a Brexit deal

5 October 2019, 21:07

David Cameron was speaking at the Cheltenham Literature festival
David Cameron was speaking at the Cheltenham Literature festival. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

Former Prime Minister David Cameron says he "completely supports" Boris Johnson's efforts to get a deal.

David Cameron says there is a "good chance" Boris Johnson will secure a new Brexit deal with the European Union.

Mr Cameron, speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, said he "completely supports" the current Prime Minister's efforts to get a new deal and obtain parliament's support for it.

He said: "It is difficult but I think it is far better than a no-deal outcome, which I don't think is a good outcome and not something I would recommend."

He also said British politics will be "stuck" until Brexit is resolved.

Mr Cameron told the audience at the festival: "I recognise my fair share of the responsibility for that fact we are stuck."

"We had a referendum and I lost that referendum and we found it very difficult to charge a way forward. We've had three years where we have not been able to resolve it and if you can't resolve it with a deal, which is the right answer, there are only really three answers.

He continued: "You can have a deal; you can have a general election and try and change the arithmetic in the House of Commons; or you can have a second referendum and take it back to the people."

Mr Cameron said he "completely supports" the Prime Minister
Mr Cameron said he "completely supports" the Prime Minister. Picture: PA

His comments come after Boris Johnson was dealt a heavy blow by the European Union when they called off weekend talks with the UK.

The European Commission said the Prime Minister's proposals to replace the Irish backstop "do not provide a basis for concluding an agreement".

The UK would instead be given "another opportunity to present its proposals in detail" on Monday, a spokesman added.