Coronavirus briefing: Robert Jenrick says social distancing to be reviewed for vulnerable

31 May 2020, 15:30

Coronavirus press conference (31 May 2020)

By Matt Drake

The Government is to set out full guidance on how the 2.2 million extremely vulnerable people shielding from coronavirus can safely venture out for the first time in months from Monday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised their resilience as he said those shielding from Covid-19 in England will be able to spend time with other people outdoors.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick revealed the full guidance at today's conference. Charities have called for the scientific evidence behind the decision to be made clear and urged more help.

Associate professor at Leeds University’s school of medicine Dr Stephen Griffin said the relaxation of rules from Monday "lacks scientific rationale" and is a public relations exercise.

Groups such as Residents and Relatives Association had called for steps toward lifting the tightest restrictions on the most vulnerable because of fears for their mental health.

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Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick is leading today's press conference
Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick is leading today's press conference. Picture: PA