Jeremy Corbyn Tells Government There's No Hope Of Trade Deal With USA

3 September 2018, 12:57

Jeremy Corbyn has told the government that a post-Brexit trade deal with the USA is simply unachievable.

The UK will be free to make trade deals with other countries around the world after we leave the European Union.

The government is hopeful of making a deal with the US, one of our biggest importers, but the Labour leader insisted Donald Trump has no interest in a deal with us.

Speaking to LBC, he said: "A Labour government would be serious about negotiations with Europe.

"Not this constantly-looking-over-the-shoulder idea of Boris Johnson and others who think they can do a sweetheart deal with Donald Trump.

"I've got news for them. Donald Trump wants to create a fortress America. He's not interested in trade across the world."

Jeremy Corbyn spoke about Donald Trump
Jeremy Corbyn spoke about Donald Trump. Picture: Getty / LBC

An LBC poll revealed that twice as many Labour Leave voters would prefer to leave the EU than for their party to be in government.

Responding to the surprising result, Mr Corbyn said: "I'd ask them to think very carefully over this. I want a decision which guarantees protection of jobs in this country and guarantees our trade with Europe.

"More than half our trade is with Europe, a very large number of manufacturing and service industry jobs depend on that relationship with Europe."