Many people are fleeing from Russia over fears of the being drafted

Russia poised to close borders to stop military-aged men from fleeing

There are multiple fatalities, including children after a shooting at a school in Russia

Gunman opens fire at school in Russia killing nine and leaving 20 injured

Footage circulated on social media showing a gunman shooting an enlistment officer with a 'sawn-off rifle'

Gunman shoots enlistment officer in Russian draft office 'with sawn-off rifle' amid fury at Putin's mobilisation

Aiden Aslin has been freed

'I am your death': Harrowing words of Russian officer who tortured Brit Aiden Aslin

Paul Urey died in Ukraine

Family of aid worker who died in Ukraine speak of heartbreak as they close on £10k needed to repatriate him

Russian troops are heavily involved in the voting process

Armed soldiers escort Ukraine voters in Russia's sham referendums as desperate Putin goes for land grab

Russians working in some sectors will be exempt from service

Russia reveals IT workers, bankers and state 'journalists' will be exempt from military call up as thousands flee country

The former owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, helped evacuate Britons captured in Ukraine using his luxury jet.

Roman Abramovich evacuated British POWs freed from Russia on his luxury jet

Russia is mobilising 300,000 men to its war

Russian anti-war protesters 'drafted into army' as videos emerge of families ripped apart by Putin's mobilisation

Pictures and video have emerged on social media of desperate Russians trying to flee the country

Russians flee on one-way tickets to avoid being hauled to frontlines of Putin’s ‘meatgrinder’

Liz Truss said Putin was trying to justify "catastrophic failures" in Ukraine

Putin's thinly-veiled nuclear threat is 'sabre-rattling' to justify 'catastrophic' failure in Ukraine, says Liz Truss

Russians protested against mobilisation

Hundreds of Russians arrested in crackdown as they protest against mobilisation order across dozens of cities

Putin has again made a threat over nuclear weapons

'Don't panic - Putin knows he's losing the war and his nuclear threat is meant to get in our heads'

Some flights out of Russia are sold out amid fears citizens could be conscripted to fight in Ukraine

Flights out of Russia sell out amid conscription fears after Putin mobilises more troops to 'defend our motherland'

Putin appears to be readying the annexation of swathes of Ukraine

Russia set to annex huge chunks of occupied Ukraine as Putin's lackeys stoke up fears of nuclear weapons

Putin is thought to be preparing for a full mobilisation of Russian troops after mass graves were found in previously Russian-occupied towns

'Panic in Kremlin': Russia prepares to mobilise as Ukraine says torture victims in mass grave had genitals severed

Liz Truss is pledging to match this year's military aid to Ukraine.

Liz Truss pledges £2.3bn in military aid for Ukraine as politics returns

Putin speaks following Ukraine's counter-attacks against Russia

Russia may be unable to fend off another Ukraine attack experts say as Putin vows to press on