Shaun Pinner will join veterans at the Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall

'A huge honour': Brit POW tortured in Ukraine to join veterans at Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service

Russian troops have moved out of Kherson

Putin 'offered surrender terms by the West' as his troops retreat from Kherson

Ukrainian flags have been raised in the centre of Kherson after the Russians fled. Bottom right, a map of the Kherson region shows Russians pushed back across the river

'Kremlin's dreams crumble into dust' as Russians flee and cheering crowds greet Ukrainian troops in Kherson

Ukraine worries the Russian retreat could be a trap

Ukraine fears a trap as Russia 'withdraws' from key industrial city of Kherson

Simon Lingard went to fight in Ukraine

'Real life hero': Family pays tribute to Brit ex special forces soldier killed fighting Russians in Ukraine

Tributes have been paid to Trevor Kjeldal who died while fighting in Ukraine

Australian sniper dubbed ‘The Ninja’ shot dead in Ukraine as tributes paid to brave fighter

Alexander Nikulin is 'fighting for his life' after being hit by a bullet. He sentenced two Brits to death in June but they were later freed

Judge who sentenced Brits to death in Ukraine 'in serious condition in hospital after assassination attempt'

A couple walk down the street during a blackout in Kyiv

Ukraine’s cities plunged into darkness as Putin targets country’s energy network

Russia claims Britain was involved in an attack on its warships

Russia claims it has 'evidence' that the UK was involved in attack on its warships

Russia has warned of impending nuclear war

Five nuclear powers 'on brink of war', Russia claims - which will have 'catastrophic consequences'

Kim Jong Un has backed Putin in Ukraine

Kim backs Vlad: North Korea secretly sends Putin artillery shells as Russia batters Ukraine with strikes

Government minister Mark Spencer voiced concerns over the grain shortage

Russian halt to grain deal set to cause 'upheaval' following ‘massive’ Black Sea Fleet attack

Liz Truss reportedly spend her final days in office in fear of a nuclear attack

Liz Truss 'obsessed with wind charts and weather forecasts because she feared nuclear fallout' in final days in office


Boris Johnson considers starting organisation to support Ukraine as he eyes a new career on the international stage

Afghan commandos are being recruited by Putin

Afghan commando unit trained by Britain 'approached by Russia over Whatsapp' to fight in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin oversaw a nuclear test

Vladimir Putin oversees massive nuclear test amid fears he could detonate nuke and claims over 'dirty bomb'

RAF Rivet Joint

Russian fighter jet fires missile near unarmed RAF plane patrolling over Black Sea

Putin could blow up a nuke south of Ukraine, Western officials fear

Fears grow Putin will explode nuke near Ukraine as defence secretary holds crisis talks in Washington