Latest News from the War in Ukraine

The EU has agreed an aid package for Ukraine

EU agrees £43 billion aid deal to Ukraine, overcoming reluctance from Hungary

Sadiq Khan had said he was not allowed to send cars scrapped for Ulez to Ukraine

Minister tells Sadiq Khan 'no legal barriers' stop him sending scrapped cars to Ukraine in Ulez row after he blames govt

General Richard Shirreff (R) has warned Brits face conscription

Brits aged up to 60 face conscription, former top military general warns, as Whitehall draws up plans for 'volunteer army'

'No wonder armed forces numbers are so low,' Ben McBean bemoaned

War hero Ben McBean says Brits would need to be dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ if conscripted to fight in Russia

The British military is too small, the army chief warned

PM's rebuke to Army chief who warned British conscripts may be needed for ‘citizen army’ to fight future war with Russia

Tobias Ellwood warned that the UK has become complacent

'There's a 1939 feel': Tobias Ellwood warns UK 'complacent' after army chief says Brits face being called up to fight

A Russian plane crashed near the border with Ukraine

Russian military plane crashes near Ukrainian border, as Kremlin claims Ukraine shot it down

The British military is too small, the army chief will warn

British public will be called up to fight if UK goes to war because ‘military is too small’, Army chief warns

Science educator Bill Nye, looks at the 'Doomsday Clock,' shortly before the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announces the latest decision on the 'Doomsday Clock' minute hand.

Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight for second year in a row - with experts citing war and climate crisis

Russia could calculate that it could use a nuke without Western response

Putin 'prepared to use nuke' against UK and Nato 'because he believes West would be too scared to respond'

NATO countries face an all-our war with Russia within the next 20 years

NATO urges civilians in the West to prepare for all-out war with Russia within 20 years

Kelin spoke to Andrew Marr about Russia's bloody invasion of Ukraine

Sunak's new defence agreement with Ukraine 'controversial because it doesn't help Russia', Moscow's ambassador says

Chris Parry's death was an unlawful killing, an inquest has heard.

Humanitarian worker Chris Parry died unlawfully in possible ‘war crime’ by Wagner Group, inquest hears

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spoke in parliament in Kyiv

Rishi Sunak given Ukrainian order of freedom as he announces £2.5bn of aid in Kyiv, as Russia slams 'arrogant British'

Sunak in Kyiv today

Britain to increase Ukraine funding to £2.5bn, Rishi Sunak announces, as PM visits Kyiv

Carl-Oskar Bohlin warned that war could come to Sweden when it joins NATO

Swedes warned to 'brace for war', with Scandinavian country set to join NATO this year amid Russia tensions

Russian officials have accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the Russian border city of Belgorod

Russia vows to retaliate after accusing Ukraine of launching missile and drone attacks

Ukraine has been battered in a massive Russian strike

UK to send hundreds of air defence missiles to Ukraine as Sunak condemns Putin's revenge attack

Katherine Mielniczuk has died aged 26 in Ukraine

Mystery as British medic, 26, 'found dead in her bed in Ukraine' after serving in war for 18 months

Ukraine has been battered in a massive Russian strike

Putin unleashes massive revenge attack on Ukraine 'hitting maternity hospital' after humiliating destruction of warship

Putin is furious at the loss of another ship in the Black Sea

Furious Putin 'orders Crimea commanders to the frontline' as punishment for humiliating sinking of Black Sea ship

The strike on the landing ship Novocherkassk has been confirmed by both Russia and Ukraine

Russian navy ship 'destroyed' off Crimea, as Britain claims 20% of Kremlin's Black Sea fleet knocked out

The strike on the landing ship Novocherkassk has been confirmed by both Russia and Ukraine

Russian navy ship 'destroyed' in Black Sea off Crimea, Kremlin confirms, as 'two Ukrainian fighter jets destroyed'

Sadiq Khan has called on the Government to help send scrapped cars to Ukraine.

Sadiq Khan calls on government for help to send cars from Ulez scrappage scheme to ‘provide vital support to Ukraine’

The war in Ukraine isn’t improving, the world is simply choosing to move on, writes Araminta Gow

The war in Ukraine isn’t improving, the world is simply choosing to move on...

Sadiq Khan has blocked a request to send non-Ulez compliant cars to Ukraine

Sadiq Khan sets up website to enable Londoners to donate vehicles to Ukraine

Critical messages confronted Putin at his end-of-year press conference, which was opened up to the public for the first time

'Don’t run for another term': Vladimir Putin confronted by critical texts at end-of-year news conference

A Sandown-class minehunter

UK transfers two minehunter ships to Ukraine to counter Russian blockade and open up Black Sea trade routes

Vladimir Putin hopes to serve a fifth term as President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin to stand for fifth term as Russian president next year

Illia Kyva

Ukrainian 'traitor' ex-MP assassinated in Russia after he called for Putin to use weapons of mass destruction

Jacek Siewiera, the chief of Poland's National Security Bureau, said Nato has three years to prepare for Russian attack

Nato has three years to prepare for a Russian attack, Poland warns as fears grow over another Putin offensive

The mayor of Kyiv has claimed president Zelenskyy is becoming increasingly autocratic.

‘Zelenskyy is becoming an autocrat’ Kyiv mayor Klitschko says, as he warns Ukraine will soon be 'no different to Russia'

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LBC has been speaking to the RAF

Russian jets ‘simulate bombing raids’ on Britain as RAF faces monthly scramble to defend UK airspace

Israel-Hamas conflict

UK and Jordan drop aid supplies to Gaza City hospital

Parents can apply for the certificate from 9am

'Baby loss certificates' introduced for parents who lose baby before 24 weeks, as ministers consider statutory leave

The UK is set to see more rain on Thursday

Flood warnings as yet more heavy rain brings travel chaos, with 70mph winds battering the coasts

Alabama Frozen Embryos

Hospital pauses IVF in wake of ruling saying frozen embryos are children

The baby's birth certificate was damaged in a passport application

Jewish father whose baby had 'Israel' defaced from baby's birth certificate 'will sue the staff members responsible'

Robin Windsor was 'found dead in a London hotel'

Friends launched frantic three-day hunt for Strictly star Robin Windsor before he 'was found dead in hotel in London'

China San Diego Panda Diplomacy

China plans to send San Diego Zoo more pandas, reigniting panda diplomacy

The baby's birth certificate was damaged in a passport application

Staff members 'sacked' after 'Israel' is scrubbed off Jewish baby's birth certificate on passport application

Barnaby Webber's mother hit out at police who shared details about on her son's death

Police officer who viewed bodycam footage of Barnaby Webber dying in street after Nottingham attack sacked

Lindsay Hoyle apologised to MPs

Commons Speaker fighting for his political life as dozens of MPs call for him to go after sparking chaos over Gaza vote

A bucket rests next to caution tape on a beach in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida

Girl ‘killed after hole she dug in sand collapsed on Florida beach’

President Joe Biden visits CJ’s Cafe in Los Angeles

Joe Biden cancels student loan debt for 153,000 borrowers


Beyonce becomes first black woman to top Billboard’s country music chart

The logo for Boeing appears on a screen above a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Boeing ousts head of 737 jetliner programme weeks after panel blowout

Fans are livid after the realisation.

'This is the worst day': Cadbury fans left furious after realising Easter chocolate favourite has been discontinued