Angela Rayner takes aim at Boris Johnson over Chequers 'booze-up'

18 July 2022, 11:00 | Updated: 20 July 2022, 10:52

Angela Rayner takes aim at Boris Johnson over Chequers 'booze-up'

By Sam Sholli

Angela Rayner has taken aim at the Prime Minister for having a Chequers "booze-up" while "we were all burning and boiling".

The Labour Party deputy leader's words came while filling in for James O'Brien by hosting a LBC programme while he's on holiday.

This week will also see Matt Hancock, Jeremy Hunt and Wes Streeting each host one of the 10am to 1pm programmes while James is away.

Angela Rayner's words have also come after Boris Johnson has been accused of being "missing in action" after skipping two Cobra meetings in two days.

On Saturday afternoon, ministers gathered in the Cabinet Office for a second emergency Cobra meeting ahead of the impending heatwave.

But Mr Johnson was instead at Chequers - his country retreat in Buckinghamshire - gearing up to hold a leaving do of his own for both friends and family, it has been reported.

Angela Rayner said: "I mean, look, a lot is going on at the moment. It's hotting up weather-wise - I hope you're all keeping safe and drinking plenty of water.

"But it's also hotting up in Parliament as well. You've got Boris Johnson at this private Chequers establishment over the weekend while we were all burning and boiling.

"And we've got five contenders to be the next Prime Minister who will be chosen of course by Conservative members - and quite frankly, they're all fighting each other at the moment."

Ms Rayner went on to say: "I was shocked that Boris Johnson thought it was OK to have another booze-up. But, hey-ho, we've come to expect that from this Prime Minister."