Ben Kentish: 'Parliament is ashamed of what we have done to Afghanistan'

18 August 2021, 21:38 | Updated: 10 October 2022, 14:17

Ben Kentish's reaction to Afghanistan debate

By Seán Hickey

This is Ben Kentish's powerful reaction to the parliamentary debate on the UK's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"I have seen many, hundreds of House of Commons debates, and I have never seen one like today." He began.

Ben Kentish's comments came off the back of a debate where MPs shared their fury over the UK's withdrawal from Afghanistan – many of whom saw it as a failure of the duty of "Global Britain."

"Never have I seen a parliament so united. United in anger. United, I think in shame.

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"Shame. That was a word that used 27 times in the House of Commons debate on Afghanistan today," Ben pointed out.

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Former Afghan translators protest at Parliament Square

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Ben admitted that "it felt watching that our own parliament was ashamed of what our country has done to the people of Afghanistan."

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"Perhaps they are right to be."