Boris Johnson could be doomed by his 'lack of clarity' warns Tory Peer

29 May 2022, 20:26

By James Bickerton

Boris Johnson must fix his Government's "sense of drift" and "lack of clarity with relation to policies" if he wants to remain Prime Minister according to a Tory Peer and pollster.

Lord Robert Hayward warned there is "serious unease" amongst Conservative MPs following disastrous polling and the ongoing partygate scandal.

A recent YouGov poll found the Tories are on track to lose 85 "battlefield" parliamentary constituencies, whilst only holding onto three.

It projects Conservative defeats to include Johnson's own constituency.

Speaking to Ben Kentish on LBC Lord Robert said: "I think the problem is not the poll - it's the sense of drift and the lack of clarity with relation to policies.

"You can go behind in the polls as long as there is a clear sense of direction.

"The other thing Partygate hasn't gone away - there are new questions.

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"Johnson's the sort of person who's gung ho - that's fine. That's a good policy to adopt if you have a clear sense of direction on other matters.

"There's no question there is a lot of unease, lack of clarity, amongst MPs, amongst members of the Lords and the party at large."

However Lord Haywood argued Johnson could still turn his situation around.

He explained: "If you look at the massive margin that Labour were in a deficit against the Tories when they were in power, and equally the Tories previously under Mrs Thatcher, then things can be turned around.

"But there has to be a clear sense of where one's going and the banana skins, which keep appearing, need to be dealt with."