Nick Ferrari says 'only black' England players should take penalties rather than bow to racists

7 June 2022, 12:04

Nick Ferrari: 'If I was manager, I'd only have black lads take pens'

By James Bickerton

Nick Ferrari has argued it would be better that the England football team "only have black lads take the penalties", rather than bowing to racism.

It came after England manager Gareth Southgate said he'd have to take racist bile "into consideration" when selecting future penalty takers.

England stars Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all received racist abuse on social media after missing penalties in the Euro 2020 final last July.

Responding to a question about racial abuse Mr Southgate said: "We've now got another layer that's going to make it extremely difficult for us to win anything.

"Indirectly, we have created another layer of difficulty in overcoming a penalty shoot-out.

"I have got to take all of those things into consideration, and it is incredibly complex."

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In response Nick suggested only black players take penalties to send a message to racists.

He commented:  "If I was England manager, I'd only have black lads take the penalties.

"When I ran out of players, I'd take people out of the crowd! You cannot bow down to these racists.

"Those lads gave it their best shot. No one would have been more heartbroken than those three.

"It has nothing to do with their skin colour, you cannot give in."

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar from November-December of this year.

England are in a group with Wales, Iran and the USA.

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