'Prince Harry should've married an English Rose', says caller accusing Meghan of 'destroying the monarchy'

8 January 2023, 15:26 | Updated: 9 January 2023, 07:31

Caller says Prince Harry should've married an English Rose

By Danai Nesta Kupemba

This LBC caller told Natasha Devon Prince Harry should've married an English Rose like Kate Middleton.

The call started off extremely tense as the woman immediately said: 'I am tired of this hogwash!'

She began insulting Prince Harry saying he is the 'thickest of the Royal family' and stated his upcoming memoir Spare was him 'throwing his family under a bus'. She didn't stop there adding Meghan Markle is the puppet master behind everything.

Natasha responded: 'Why do you care?'

'I'm a Tory supporter and a Royalist through and through. I think it's absolutely disgusting how he has left his brother Prince William who is dutiful' she said.

Natasha questioned the caller further and asked if Prince Harry was 'undermining the Royal family'.

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The caller rambled on that Prince Harry 'should go and live in exile' and if 'he did this 300 years ago he would be committing treason'.

Natasha continued to challenge the incensed caller and said: 'You're embarrassed about the mirror that Prince Harry is holding up to the Royal Family.'

'No! I'm embarrassed about him and what he married!'

The caller said Prince Harry should've done what Prince William did and 'marry a proper English Rose'. The caller went on to praise Kate Middleton and say she is 'dutiful' and 'supports her country' through social engagements.

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Natasha countered and informed the caller that Kate Middleton and Prince William don't actually do that many Royal engagements as compared to other senior Royals.

However despite the caller's flawed logic failing she decided to go for Meghan's character and called her 'manipulative' and said she was a social climber.

But Natasha didn't let this slide and reminded the caller that Kate Middleton chose to go to St Andrews because she knew Prince William was going there.

Despite this the caller didn't let up and continued to slam Prince Harry and Meghan's ending her rant by saying 'Meghan single-handedly destroyed the monarchy.'