Nick Ferrari shoots down caller who argues against harsher sentence for rapist David Carrick

8 February 2023, 13:18

Nick Ferrari clashes with caller over David Carrick case

By Hannah Holland

Nick Ferrari clashed with a caller who claimed that calls for a harsher sentence for rapist ex-cop David Carrick were a 'knee-jerk reaction' from the public.

Nick Ferrari questioned viewers about whether they thought 36 life sentences - equating to a minimum of 30 years in prison - was a worthy sentence for convicted rapist and former Met officer David Carrick.

Hours after Carrick's sentencing, the Attorney General was hounded with complaints claiming the decision was too lenient to Carrick.

Carrick, 48, pleaded guilty to 85 offences against dozens of women over a 17-year period and is now regarded as one of the UK's most prolific sex offenders.

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Fred in Reading phoned in to share his thoughts, claiming: "I think this is a knee-jerk reaction from a lot of the public that they think the sentence is too lenient."

He continued: "I think it’s more about hate for police and more of a want for revenge but the problem is - what he did was bad but he hasn’t killed anybody.

"He hasn’t permanently maimed anybody, they can continue their life."

“Respectively”, Nick interjected, before adding: “They can continue their life but I would imagine the emotional scars will be with them until the day they die."

“Yeah, granted”, Fred replied, arguing that Carrick “will spend a long time in prison to make up for that".

He went on to say that it was unfair to raise the sentence of a perpetrator simply because "we don't like you because you're a police officer".

Nick rebutted his claims once again, explaining that “many of his victims will never recover”.

He added: "Some are unable to work. Some were kept trapped and boarded up in a cupboard.

"For the love of god, that is on a par almost with taking someones life."

Nick went on to reinforce his point about the damage Carrick will have inflicted on his victims, imagining that his victims will be forced to “relive the experience” whenever they see a police officer, whether on the street on on the TV.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that the case is now being reviewed under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

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