Welcome to 'Great Britain': Crumbling schools, undrinkable water, and a terror suspect on the loose, writes Nick Ferrari

7 September 2023, 12:58 | Updated: 7 September 2023, 14:28

"I haven’t even talked about tens of other issues have I?"

Nick Ferrari

By Nick Ferrari

As this country crumbles, a terror suspect is on the loose, and the Conservatives seem oblivious to the fact that they're losing the plot!

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We’re now living in a country where the schools are crumbling in front of us.

While the concrete crisis has been gripping Britain in these past few days, that's not the only problem.

You turn on the tap and you really wouldn’t want to drink the water!

In 2021, the government were exposed for not testing drinking water for toxic manmade chemicals that are linked to cancer and other diseases.

And now data obtained by LBC research has revealed that five people a day fall ill from swimming in the UK's seas, rivers and lakes.

It doesn't end there.

You try and get a train and you have to pick a day where you have to pick a day where they might be running.

And God forbid you fall ill because if you want to get to a hospital, well the motorway might be jammed, or there would be a Just Stop Oil protest stopping your ambulance getting there, and when you get there, there could be a junior doctor strike.

Members have carried out many tactics to protest against oil, such as slow marching on the roads, dousing famous paintings in their signature orange paint, and even glueing their hands to the road.

Meanwhile, you’re asked, as you go about your business today: ‘Could you see if a terror suspect wearing red and white checked trousers, any chance you could have a look for him, please'?

Terror suspect, Daniel Khalife, 21, escaped from HMP Wandsworth on Wednesday morning on the back of a food truck and is on the run.

The former soldier was due to go to trial over terrorism and Official Secrets Act offences.

Now, a stretch of the M20 motorway, heading to the ports of Dover and Folkestone, has been shut for 'enhanced security checks' as part of a nationwide manhunt.

And the Conservatives wonder why there’s a sense that they’re losing the plot.

I haven’t even talked about tens of other issues, have I?

There are just so many.