Andrew Sabisky resigns as Number 10 advisor

17 February 2020, 19:51

Andrew Sabisky was appointed as a Number 10 advisor
Andrew Sabisky was appointed as a Number 10 advisor. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky has announced his resignation amid criticism over controversial past comments.

The decision comes after the Prime Minister was urged to remove his new adviser, who went on record to support the "forced sterilisation of people he considers not worthy."

Taking to Twitter, Mr Sabisky wrote: "The media hysteria about my old stuff online is mad but I wanted to help HMG [Her Majesty's Government] not be a distraction.

"Accordingly I've decided to resign as a contractor.

"I know this will disappoint a lot of ppl but I signed up to do real work, not be in the middle of a giant character assassination: if I can't do the work properly there's no point, & I have a lot of other things to do w/ my life."

He added: "Last of all I am beyond grateful to everyone who supported me publicly & privately, all kinds of great friends, left & right wing alike - you're the best people and eventually I will get around to thanking you all one by one."

Labour also called on Boris Johnson to fire Andrew Sabisky, who was recruited by Dominic Cummings when he called for "weirdos and misfits with odd skills” to apply for jobs in Downing Street.

Mr Sabisky reportedly suggested that the benefits of a supposed brain-boosting drug, which can prove fatal, was "probably worth a dead kid once a year".

Writing on the website of the PM's chief aide in 2014 he said: "One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty.

"Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue."

The announcement of his appointment had received a lot of criticism.

Environment Secretary George Eustice told Sky NewsQuestions over controversial past comments made by a Downing Street adviser are for Dominic Cummings and Number 10 to answer.

Mr Eustice told Sky News: "I don't know who that individual is. I have seen the reports that someone is alleged to have those views but I'm not going to get drawn on that.

"I'm not going to get drawn on the comments of that particular individual. That is a matter for Dominic Cummings and Number 10, and I'm sure you can talk to them."

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "These are really not acceptable headlines for any government to be generating (or allowing to be generated). They need to get a grip fast and demonstrate some basic but fundamental values in the terms of our public debate."

Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery said: "It is disgusting that not only has Number 10 failed to condemn Andrew Sabisky's appalling comments, but also seems to have endorsed the idea that white people are more intelligent than black people.

"Boris Johnson should have the backbone to make a statement in his own words on why he has made this appointment, whether he stands by it, and his own views on the subject of eugenics."

Downing Street repeatedly refused to say whether Boris Johnson supported the views expressed by Andrew Sabisky.

A Number 10 spokesman said: "I'm not going to be commenting on individual appointments."

Asked whether Mr Johnson agreed with Mr Sabisky's comments on eugenics or the IQ of black people, the spokesman said: "The Prime Minister's views on a range of subjects are well publicised and documented."

Mr Sabisky previously spoke about "very real racial differences in intelligence".

Tory MP Caroline Nokes, chairwoman of the Commons Women and Equalities Committee, said: "Cannot believe No 10 has refused to comment on Andrew Sabisky.

"I don't know him from a bar of soap, but don't think we'd get on ....... must be no place in Government for the views he's expressed."

Tory MP for Hazel Grove William Wragg tweeted: "Andrew Sabisky's presence in no.10 is a poor reflection on the Govt and there is no way to defend it.

"He needs to go. 'Weirdos' and 'misfits' are all very well, but please can they not gratuitously cause offence.

"I cannot be the only one uncomfortable with recent no.10 trends."

Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey said: "We've got a Prime Minister who once published an article saying black people 'are at the other pole' in terms of IQ.

"It's no accident that Johnson has hired someone who supports eugenics."