Channel 4 says sorry over wrongly-captioned Boris Johnson 'people of colour' clip

6 December 2019, 11:43

Channel 4 removed the clip and apologised for the mistake
Channel 4 removed the clip and apologised for the mistake. Picture: Channel 4

By Asher McShane

Channel 4 has apologised after posting a video on social media with an incorrect caption that wrongly suggested Boris Johnson had used the phrase “people of colour.”

Channel Four posted on Twitter today: “Boris Johnson says “people of talent” not “people of colour.”

“Our earlier tweet was a mistake. We misheard and we apologise.”

A video of a speech made by Boris Johnson was shared online by the channel.

Speaking in Derbyshire, Mr Johnson said he was “in favour of having people of talent come to this country”.

When Channel 4 uploaded the clip they claimed he said “people of colour" in the subtitles.

They issued their apology after deleting their clip.

The Conservatives vehemently denied the Prime Minister said "people of colour".

A senior Tory source said: "This shows why it has been impossible to co-operate with Channel 4 News, they are campaigners in this election - inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit.

"This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same."

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly tweeted: "Boris has used the phrase 'people of talent' many times during this election campaign in relation to our points based immigration policy."