Compare The Manifestos: What will the parties do on Brexit?

28 November 2019, 15:16

What will the parties do on Brexit?
What will the parties do on Brexit? Picture: PA

What are the major parties promising to do on Brexit? We've compared their manifestos to make it easy for you to find out.

Conservatives' policy on Brexit

- Bring Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill back to Parliament before Christmas and achieve Brexit by 31st January
- Negotiate free trade agreement with EU to come into force in 2021
- No extension to the transition period to Brexit beyond December 2020
- End to freedom of movement between the EU and the UK and create a new Australian-style points-based immigration system
- Negotiate free trade agreements with other countries around the world

Labour's policy on Brexit

- Renegotiate a Brexit deal within three months and hold a second referendum within six months, with that deal and Remain on the ballot paper
- Negotiate UK-wide customs union membership, close single market alignment and guarantees on workers’ rights and environmental protections
- The agreement would meet the UK's international obligations, particularly the Good Friday Agreement
- Remove the threat of no-deal

Lib Dem's policy on Brexit

- Oppose Brexit and campaign to Remain in the EU
- Revoke Article 50, cancelling Brexit, if elected as a majority government
- If they don't receive a majority, campaign for a referendum with the option of Remaining in the EU

Brexit Party's policy on Brexit

- A clean-break Brexit, leaving the EU without a deal
- No extended transition period
- Negotiate a Canada-style trade deal with the EU by 1st July 2020