Alastair Campbell tears into Jeremy Corbyn as Labour faces huge election defeat

13 December 2019, 00:33

Alastair Campbell told LBC that the responsibility for Labour's expected defeat at the general election is entirely the fault of Jeremy Corbyn.

The exit poll predicts a huge loss for Mr Corbyn's party and the first few results show a significant swing towards the Conservatives.

And the former Director of Communications for Tony Blair said Labour have to take a different path.

Speaking on Britain Decides, LBC's election night programme, Mr Campbell said: "We've all been very good - including those of us who were kicked out of the party - we let Jeremy Corbyn run his election campaign. We didn't criticise it too much and tried to stop Johnson.

"But it's failed. And the reason it's failed, everywhere you went, particularly in the north of England, all you got was Corbyn.

"To say that was to upset the cult, it was to have people say 'you've never accepted him' etc etc.

Alastair Campbell didn't hold back when discussing Jeremy Corbyn
Alastair Campbell didn't hold back when discussing Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA / LBC

"The country decided a while ago, they're not having him as Prime Minister and they're not having his politics.

"If the Labour Party says now that it's really bad, but let's keep going and eventually the public will see it, the Labour Party's going to destroy itself.

"This is a horrific result."

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