General Election analysis: Iain Dale explains the big challenge Boris Johnson is now facing

13 December 2019, 03:04

Boris Johnson has to keep the new Conservative voters happy or risk losing them all in the next general election, according to Iain Dale.

The Prime Minister is expected to win a big majority, with early results showing as much as a 10% swing to the Conservatives.

But speaking on Britain Decides, LBC's election night programme, Iain Dale said that Mr Johnson still has a big challenge ahead of him.

He said: "Boris Johnson now has a challenge. He's won all of the seats in the north of England and probably in the Midlands and Wales as well.

"If he's to win the next election, he has got to make sure that the Labour voters that he has attracted over for this one election - where they've essentially lent the Conservatives their vote for this election to 'Get Brexit Done' - he can only retain them if he delivers on his domestic promise.

Iain Dale had this advice for Boris Johnson
Iain Dale had this advice for Boris Johnson. Picture: PA / LBC

"Now the domestic promise hasn't been very extensive in the manifesto. But if he really is the One Nation Tory he says he is, in five years time, all these people are going to say 'actually, he didn't do a bad job for our area, we've got this investment, we've got this investment'.

"If he is, that's the way he'll win the next general election.

"And that would be the fifth general election in a row which the Conservatives have won. That would be unprecedented."

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