Lib Dems pledge to invest £11bn in mental health services

2 December 2019, 08:03

Lib Dem health spokeswoman Luciana Berger
Lib Dem health spokeswoman Luciana Berger. Picture: PA

By Megan White

The Liberal Democrats will invest £11 billion to transform mental health services if they get into power, with measures including free prescriptions.

Over the next five years, the party would improve access to talking therapies, and new mothers would be given a dedicated maternal, postnatal appointment to tackle under-diagnosis as part of the plans.

The party said it would make prescriptions for people with chronic mental health conditions free, while also pledging to train all teaching staff to identify mental health issues and to ensure all schools provide access for pupil support and counselling.

Luciana Berger, the party's health spokeswoman, said: "Too many people are struggling with their mental health and aren't receiving the support they need.

"The Conservatives have failed to bring forward changes that would see mental health approached with the same urgency as physical health.

"Their manifesto at this election only mentions mental health three times. It is clear that - under a Conservative government - mental health will not be a priority.

"The Liberal Democrats are the party of mental health. We have the most detailed plan to improve mental health services and we will commit £11 billion over five years to make these changes.

"This is at the heart of our plan to build a brighter future for all."