Piers Morgan reveals how he voted in this year's General Election

25 December 2019, 10:26

Piers Morgan told LBC that he voted for the Conservatives in this month's general election, saying he chose based on Brexit.

The Good Morning Britain host voted for the Animal Welfare Party in 2015, saying he was distinctly unimpressed with all the major parties.

And when Ruth Davidson asked him if he still felt the same, he admitted that he backed Boris Johnson this time around.

He was speaking to the former leader of the Scottish Conservatives as part of LBC's run of Christmas specials, An Inconvenient Ruth.

He told Ruth: "I voted for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. Not from any great love of either, but because, as I have made clear on Good Morning Britain for the last three years, I was incensed by the failure to honour the result of the referendum.

"I voted to Remain and I would vote to Remain again. I'm not a great fan of Brexit. However, I'm a much bigger fan of democracy.

"And to me, Boris Johnson was the only major party candidate who was offering to honour democracy and to respect the fact that 17.4million people had voted to leave the European Union.

"I'm often not clear when I go to the ballot box. I've voted for the Conservatives and Labour over the years - and the Animal Welfare Party. But this time I was crystal clear. I was going to vote for the only candidate - outside of the Brexit Party which was a niche and in my view fairly irrelevant part of the election - I was going to vote for the candidate who promised to deliver on the way the people had voted in 2016."

Piers Morgan revealed who he voted for
Piers Morgan revealed who he voted for. Picture: PA / LBC

Ruth was fascinated by how Piers said he had no time for David Cameron and Ed Miliband, but was more positive about the more extreme leadership of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

He explained: "I thought Corbyn was more principled than Ed Miliband. I didn't understand about most of what Corbyn stood for, but he's more principled.

"David Cameron - I just couldn't bring myself to vote for him. I didn't feel anything about him. Whereas Boris Johnson has got something about him. He's a very charismatic person."

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