Nicola Sturgeon unveils 'Stop Brexit' battle bus ahead of general election

5 December 2019, 17:16

The bright yellow bus holds a clear message
The bright yellow bus holds a clear message. Picture: LBC News

By Maddie Goodfellow

The SNP leader unveiled the SNP's bright yellow battle bus, emblazoned with a "Stop Brexit" message, during a rally in South Queensferry.

Nicola Sturgeon also warned SNP voters that "the future of our country is on the line in this election" during a speech on Thursday.

At the unveiling of the SNP battle bus, Ms Sturgeon said in a speech: "We have the opportunity next Thursday to escape the mess of Brexit."

Her comments were met with cheers and applause from the audience.

She continued: "But the thing we must do to enable all of this is to vote next Thursday to walk Boris Johnson out of power.

"Seeing over the course of this election just ow important it is to deny Boris Johnson and his Tories the majority that they crave."

Speaking about the Prime Minister, Ms Sturgeon claimed: "Everybody knows that if he gets his way, then he drags Scotland out of the EU against our will, out of the single market and the customs union, plunging us into another round of Brexit chaos."

The SNP leader also made reference to Mr Johnson's relationship with President Trump, saying: "We also know that he'll put our NHS at the mercy of Donald Trump in a treaty.

"Boris Johnson is dangerous and he is unfit for office."

Ms Sturgeon called on Scottish voters to "play their part" in "stopping Boris Johnson and stopping the Conservatives."

She said: "We know that Labour isn't strong enough to beat the Tories in Scotland. And we know that last time they were given the opportunity, the Liberal Democrats out the Conservatives into government rather than locking them out of government.

"We should never ever trust them again."

Speaking to LBC News after the rally, Nicola Sturgeon said: "I respect the views of those Scots who voted leave, but we cannot ignore the fact that the vast majority of people in Scotland voted to remain, over 60 per cent.

"I strongly suspect that percentage would be higher now than it was three-and-a-half years ago.

She continued; "I think everybody realised now that Boris Johnson's 'Get Brexit done' line is a big con."

Speaking about next week's general election, the SNP leader said: "I think there will be potentially more tactical voting than we've seen in previous general elections.

"Here in Scotland, we don't want our future dictated by Boris Johnson, whose strings are increasingly pulled by the ultra-Brexit in his own party and people like Nigel Farage and even Donald Trump, who, despite the denials, we all know is itching to get his hands on the health service."

Nicola Sturgeon has previously criticised the Prime Minister for "evading scrutiny" during the general election campaign.

She claimed that the he has "ducked and dived" to avoid answering tough questions.

It comes after Boris Johnson refused to be interviewed by the BBC's Andrew Neil and opted not to take part in a climate change debate.