David Lammy Blasts 'Pot-Smoking Stonehead' Cameron For Not Legalising Marijuana

14 September 2019, 15:36 | Updated: 14 September 2019, 15:43

David Lammy says there is a "hypocrisy" when 'privileged' politicians confess to smoking marijuana but then do nothing about it.

Lammy, himself, confesses to having smoked marijuana himself.

He said: "I first came across marijuana, back in the day, in Tottenham.

"I was 12 at the time and experienced smoking a joint.

"That was the reality, I think, of inner city life in those days."

But he added: "I've recently called for the regulation and legalisation of marijuana because I think that we've lost the war on drugs.

"I'm hugely worried about working-class kids, up and down the country, who end up with criminal records as a result of their marijuana use."

Lammy said: "There are white kids and black kids, working-class, who haven't got the privilege of David Cameron to take a joint.

David Lammy Blasts David Cameron For Not Legalising Marijuana
David Lammy Blasts David Cameron For Not Legalising Marijuana. Picture: PA

"This big confession that David Cameron made - isn't it time that we actually did something about it?

"Regulating and legalising cannabis."

He explained how politicians confessing to drug use but doing 'nothing' about it isn't new.

Bill Clinton said he "didn't inhale" in 1992.