Henry Bolton: I Spoke To My Racist Ex Last Night

18 February 2018, 15:22

Bolton spoke to LBC about his relationship status with his ex-girlfriend Jo Marney who came to national attention after it was revealed she had sent racist messages.

On LBC this morning Jacob Rees-Mogg asked fired UKIP leader Henry Bolton whether he had spoken to his former fling Jo Marney since his sacking from the party. Bolton admitted that he had spoken to racist ex-girlfriend Jo Marney "last night."

But he said, "it's a bit early to say what's going to happen in my private life."

Jacob, of course, deferred going any further insisting that Henry was entitled to a private life.

He moved on to whether he would champion a Nigel Farage return to UKIP. Bolton stated that he thought UKIP "cannot be united now." 

Henry Bolton with racist lover Jo Marney
Henry Bolton with racist lover Jo Marney. Picture: LBC