Politics LIVE: MPs prepare to vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal after election landslide

20 December 2019, 08:20

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

By Megan White

MPs are set to vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on Friday as part of his general election pledge to have Brexit "decided" by Christmas.

The Prime Minister will bring back the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill for its second reading after he won a landslide at the general election.

The vote is expected to pass without a hitch for the Government and lay the ground for a January exit from the EU.

The Conservative Party leader said his Brexit Bill, along with his plans for Government, announced in the Queen's Speech on Thursday, would bring about a "new dawn" for Britain.

But critics on the opposition benches said Mr Johnson had "binned" his pre-election compromises on protections for workers and child refugees now that he had been "unbridled" by his crushing win at the polls.

The Government, as part of a re-drafted Brexit Bill, looked to have rowed back on an original commitment to strike a deal with the EU so child refugees in Europe can continue to be reunited with their families in the UK, even after free movement ends.


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