Farage Against The Machine Podcast: With Trump's New Security Advisor John Bolton

23 March 2018, 15:46

Nigel Farage and John Bolton
Nigel Farage and John Bolton. Picture: LBC / PA

On Farage Against The Machine this week, we speak to John Bolton, the man who has just been appointed by Donald Trump as his new Security Advisor.

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What does he think of the Trump Administration so far? And what does he think the next move should be to deal with Iran and North Korea? It's a fascinating insight into the man who has the President's ear.

Speaking to Farage Against The Machine about the challenges, Mr Bolton said: "I think there are going to be a number of national security challenges. No President can really plan ahead, because things come out of nowhere.

"He's got to decide whether to get out of the Iran nuclear deal - I certainly hope he does.

"He's got to decide how to deal with North Korea, which is very, very close to having deliverable nuclear weapons.

"There are plenty of other threats that we're going to see as well."

Plus, on the podcast, Nigel Farage gives his opinion on the controversial move to bring in Mr Bolton for General McMaster.

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