Prue Leith Tells James O'Brien About When She Got Arrested Protesting Against Apartheid

1 May 2019, 14:55

Prue Leith gives Full Disclosure with James O'Brien a fascinating insight into what it was like growing up in South Africa during the apartheid era.

The Great British Bake-Off judge grew up in South Africa and admitted her shock when she moved to France of socialising with black people having never experienced that growing up.

Speaking to Full Disclosure with James O'Brien, she revealed she even got arrested for protesting against the policy.

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She said: "I remember going back to South Africa and looking at it with completely different eyes and thinking how can it be that I would, as a child, walk down a pavement with my giggling girl friends and venerable old black men would step off the pavement into the gutter to let us pass.

"We thought nothing of the fact that we sat at the front of the bus, black people sat at the back of the bus, including your nanny if you had one.

Prue Leith, speaking on Full Disclosure
Prue Leith, speaking on Full Disclosure. Picture: LBC

"I remember getting arrested - and I'm ashamed of it now, but my main feeling was 'Oh good, this will help my street cred!'

"We got taken to a police station, names taken, all the rest of it. Actually, the police took one look at me and realised I'd never done any serious rioting, so they let me go."

James summed it up: "Presumably, it wouldn't just give you street cred, it would have made your mother proud."

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