Hollywood Actor Brian Cox Brands Trump A “Screaming Narcissist”

7 January 2018, 17:54

Hollywood actor Brian Cox has branded Donald Trump a “screaming narcissist” who is “getting too much attention”.

The Emmy Award-winning Scottish actor laid into the US President during an interview with Alex Salmond.

His criticism came just days after the explosive book "Fire and Fury" was released, giving an insider’s view of the White House.

But, the US President is thriving off the revelations, even if they highly critical of him, Mr Cox claimed.

Speaking on Sunday, the Churchill actor said: “That’s this problem, the man is a narcissist.

“He’s getting too much attention and that’s the problem.

“Narcissist thrive off attention whether it’s good or bad and the man is a screaming narcissist.”

Asked whether he’d ever accept a role to play President Trump in a film, he quipped: “No, because Alec Baldwin does it much better than I would ever do it.”