Alex Salmond Says If David Cameron Had Tried To Stop IndyRef, He Would've Held An Unofficial Referendum Anyway

28 October 2017, 11:27 | Updated: 28 October 2017, 11:48

Alex Salmond said if the Prime Minister didn't consent to the independence referendum, he would've done it anyway.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has said he would have held an unofficial independence referendum in Scotland if David Cameron had not signed the Edinburgh Agreement.

The agreement gave the 2014 Scottish independence referendum legal backing by the governments of the United Kingdom and Scotland.

Alex Salmond said he knew that if David Cameron did not give the referendum a clear legal basis, he would continue regardless.

Alex Salmond said he would have pursued an unofficial independence referendum
Alex Salmond said he would have pursued an unofficial independence referendum. Picture: LBC

Lesley Riddoch asked the LBC presenter his course of action, had David Cameron not produced the Edinburgh Agreement.

He said: "I almost certainly would've organised an unofficial referendum.

"I believe we could've done so legally, it wouldn't have had the force of law but it would have had substantial moral force.

"I doubt very much if the Met would've come storming in, I don't think the Scottish regiments would be trusted to come storming in.

"I think that would've been our next move."

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