Alex Salmond Dismantles Every Argument For Tuition Fees

28 October 2017, 15:14

England needs to catch up with Scotland and abolish tuition fees, Alex Salmond says.

Jeremy Corbyn says tuition fees would have already been abolished, if the Labour Party had won June’s general election. 

During the election, Labour pledged to abolish tution fees and Mr Corbyn vowed to "deal with" student debt.

Speaking on Friday, he said Labour would end tuition fees for colleges, universities and for adult education. 

Alex Salmond welcomed the Labour leader's adoption of a policy implemented by the SNP 10 years ago.

Alex Salmond spoke to Sian Griffiths
Alex Salmond spoke to Sian Griffiths. Picture: LBC

Speaking to Sian Griffiths, Education Editor at the Sunday Times, Alex said he felt Scotland had proven that scrapping tuition fees was a simple decision, comparing the number of young people in higher education in Scotland with England (55 per cent to 48 per cent respectively).

He also referenced Scotland's rate of youth unemployment, the second lowest in Europe.

He said: "I'm struggling to see the downside of the abolition of tuition fees, what are the universities worried about here?"

"It's a national disaster, to be honest," Sian replied.

Watch the interview above.