Salmond Tells Brexit Campaigner Why Trump Won't Be Britain's Saviour

4 March 2018, 18:24

Alex Salmond has experience of negotiating with Donald Trump face to face - and he told a leading Brexit campaigner why he won't be our saviour once we leave the EU.

Alex has had lots of interactions with the President, including three times that he sued the Scottish government... and lost!

Richard Tice, the co-chair of Leave Means Leave, suggested that Trump didn't really mean his tweets about starting a trade war with Britain and the EU.

But Alex told him that if there's one time you don't want to be negotiating with Trump, it's from a position of weakness.

Alex Salmond in the LBC studio
Alex Salmond in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Alex told him: "I've actually negotiated with Donald Trump face-to-face. In fact, I've been in court with Donald Trump, not personally, he sued the Scottish government three times. And lost three times.

"But the one thing I would absolutely tell you - and believe me in terms of my personal knowledge of The Donald - is he's not someone you would ever want to negotiate with from a position of weakness.

"Don't you think, given everything that's happened, any negotiation with America will take place from a position of weakness?"

Mr Tice insisted Britain had to be willing to walk away from a trade deal with the US