I Would Rather Go Back To WW2 Rationing Then Be Part Of The EU Says Brexiteer

11 February 2018, 18:18

Steven rang into LBC to talk about Brexit, and he certainly wasn't short of a few opinions.

Steven started by explaining to Scotsman Alex Salmond that "we had a referendum here" and Brussels aren't happy about it. He expressed his annoyance that "every time that a smooth level line comes through" on Brexit we get a "kick in the belly."

He said that leaving the EU would be good for the UK, because we "will carry on with the House of Parliament and the House of Lords, and they won't be turned into posh flats." There is no suggestion that the Houses of Parliament should be turned into posh flats.

Steven also said that leaving the EU means that the EU won't be telling us "when to stand up, and when to sit down." There is no proof that the EU have any power over an individuals decision to stand up or sit down.

He celebrated that we are "going to rule our own country" again. Steven continued that he wished the EU the very best, but he wanted no part in the EU. He told Alex Salmond that he would rather "stand in line with a coupon book with my kids and go into the shop like the second World War, then be forced into something  we didn't want to go into and lose our Queen."

Steven said that there is a"family element" to the UK which we should be proud of.

Alex Salmond on LBC
Alex Salmond on LBC. Picture: LBC