Andrew Castle's Simple Question On ISIS Ruins Caller's Argument

28 May 2017, 09:30

This caller agrees with Jeremy Corbyn that Britain's foreign policy has led to the terror attacks. But one simple question from Andrew Castle stopped him in his tracks.

Adam told LBC that since 2003, Britain's interventions in the Middle East had been disastrous and that has led to the rise of terrorism in this country.

But Andrew had one question that ruined that argument: "What about the Yazidis? What about the Coptic Christians, people from ISIS surrounding buses and mowing them all down - 29 of them just the other day.

"What about the ideology that kills those people? That's nothing to do with our foreign policy or our integration, is it?"

Andrew Castle thoughtful

Adam claimed that was about an ultra-conservative ideology and that these groups have been created because their country has been destroyed.

But Andrew insisted: "Salman Abedi was born in Manchester."

That's because he hadn't been properly integrated, said Adam: "We need to integrate people from all colours and faiths.

Andrew hit back: "It's always our fault, Adam isn't it? It's always our fault. The Left always see it as our fault."