Andrew Castle: ‘Boris Johnson is finished. It’s over.’

19 March 2023, 14:47

Andrew Castle fumes at Boris Johnson ahead of Partygate inquiry

By Ellen Morgan

With Boris Johnson set to publish evidence in his defence over breaking Covid regulations, Andrew Castle delivered an impassioned rant about the former Prime Minster, who he believes is “done”.

Andrew Castle declared the “very suggestion” that Boris Johnson could re-enter politics “riled" him up, saying he knows “all" he needs "to know already” about him.

“It is important whether a serving Prime Minister lied to Parliament or not,” he insisted.

Andrew also criticised Boris Johnson for his feigned helplessness, saying he knew exactly what he was doing when he broke lockdown rules, and that “you can’t just say you’re having your hand held all day because you’re Prime Minister”.

He acknowledged his role as a “gobby presenter,” but emphasised the “perception” of Sue Gray, the senior civil servant who published a damning report into Partygate last year and has recently been appointed Chief of Staff by Keir Starmer, doesn’t look “good.”

“The whole thing stinks to high heaven,” he added.

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Ms Gray’s report last year showed breaches of Covid rules during gatherings at Downing Street, with Boris Johnson and 82 other people fined for attending illegal parties. Mr Johnson resigned as Prime Minister only a few months after the report was published.

He will be televised giving his evidence in front of the Commons Privileges Committee on Wednesday, and Andrew took issue with how much focus has shifted to the former PM.

“Get on with running the country and getting the cost of living under control,” he said, adding: “I’ve got better things to do” than “stare at Boris Johnson for 4 hours on a Wednesday afternoon”.