Government's Brexit bill is 'damaging to our credibility as a nation' warns Tory MP

12 September 2020, 10:14

By Seán Hickey

A top Conservative MP was scathing in his assessment of the PM's proposed Brexit amendments, arguing that some of the most prominent Brexiteers wouldn't back it.

Sir Roger Gale told Andrew Castle that Boris Johnson is "absolutely doing the wrong thing" in proposing to alter the withdrawal agreement with another Brexit bill.

"It is damaging internationally, it is damaging to our reputation. It is damaging to our honour and credibility as a nation"

"I shall vote against the second reading," the Conservative MP revealed. He went on to tell Andrew that he would back an amendment put forward by Bob Neill, which would call for MPs to have a final say on the criteria the UK leaves the EU - similarly to the initial passing of the current withdrawal agreement.

Admitting that this option is the lesser of two ills in his view, Mr Gale told Andrew he thinks "we should kill the bill and start again."

Andrew asked the MP "what happened to the manifesto agreement" which was a condition that both negotiating parties have to "honour the Brexit bill."

Sir Roger Gale warned the proposed Brexit bill will damage the UK's reputation
Sir Roger Gale warned the proposed Brexit bill will damage the UK's reputation. Picture: PA

Mr Gale argued that there is mass confusion around the back and forth around Brexit, having passed an agreement, MPs are "now being told that this was not a great agreement at all."

He went on to state that the new bill "is being presented as a way of protecting the union and maintaining peace in Northern Ireland."

Mr Gale added that John Major, who was instrumental in the Northern Ireland Peace Process "is against what Mr Johnson is proposing" and if he, and prominent Brexiteers such as Lord Howard are against it, then he himself will oppose the deal too.