'There's strong evidence for it': Caller believes the monarchy was chosen by God

1 May 2023, 12:02

Caller who believes the monarchy was 'chosen' by god

By Georgina Greer

This caller says not swearing an oath of allegiance to the King is "playing with fire" as he claims they are "chosen by God".

In conversation with Andrew Castle, Sam from Worcester said he believed there was "evidence" for the monarchy being chosen by God, saying there are "traces of it throughout history."

He used William the Conquerer and King Richard I as examples.

The conversation comes as the public has been asked to swear allegiance to the King on his coronation day.

Andrew asked: "You're a religious man, you have spiritual belief?"

Sam said: "Well I'm British, so I sort of believe in Britain, believe in the monarchy."

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Andrew then asked Sam if he believed Britain is "God's own country" to which Sam responded: "I'm saying that the King, or Queen is arguably chosen by God."

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On the topic of the coronation, Sam said: "We've waited sixty-nine years for this to happen, to cancel it now, I'd be miffed."

"They say it's going to cost two hundred and fifty million, I say spend more on it, they're clearly not spending enough."

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Sam continued, recounting his grandmother's experience of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation: "When my nan got to see the coronation she got to stand on the roundabout outside Buckingham Palace and watch the parade go past...but they're not letting you stand on the roundabout."

He concluded: "If there's not enough money, broadcast it in black and white like last time and let people stand on the roundabout and spend the money better that way."