'Is a Labour government a threat to the well-off?': Andrew Castle quizzes Labour MP Steve Reed

1 April 2023, 15:44

Andrew Castle quizzes Labour MP Steve Reed: Will wealthy people vote for Labour?

By Grace Parsons

Labour MP Steve Reed defends a Labour government after Andrew Castle wonders if the "well-off" will view it as a threat.

After Labour slammed the government for the latest rise in bills, Andrew Castle questioned Shadow Secretary for Justice Steve Reed on whether "middle England" would actually feel threatened by a Labour government.

"A Labour government is considered a threat by the well-off, do you accept that?" Andrew asked Mr Reed.

The Labour MP responded: "No, I'll tell you why that's not true Andrew... people who are doing that well need an economy that is growing and what we've not seen from the Conservatives in the last 13 years is a growing economy.

"We've currently got the lowest growth in the G7 and if you look at the 13 years now that we've had the Conservatives in power and the 13 years that Labour was in power, on average Labour grew the economy 50% more every single year than the Tories.

"Now that benefits the top 1% just like it benefits the 99% as well."

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Andrew said: "All I'm saying is that Labour, I wonder if they've got something waiting for us that might scare the horses, particularly in the south east that might worry middle England who've got a decent income and would consider the Labour party a threat.

"I'm talking about that stupid mansion tax that Ed Miliband had... the possibility of a wealth tax... that is a concern."

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