No peerage for Nigel Farage says Michael Gove

16 November 2019, 08:33 | Updated: 16 November 2019, 09:22

With claims in the media the Tories offered peerages to Brexit Party election candidates to persuade them to stand down, Andrew Castle asked Michael Gove if there was any truth to the rumours.

Mr Gove said the Conservative approach to the election is "no pacts and no deals" that everyone should have a chance to vote for a Conservative candidate.

"A vote for any other party risks letting Jeremy Corbyn in, that means a year of two referendums and paralysis."

Andrew Castle asked the Minister "No Brexit Party election candidates have been offered anything to persuade them to stand down, no peerage for Nigel Farage?"

"Nope," was the Conservative politicians' reply.

"Absolutely not?" Andrew asked.

"Nope," was again Mr Gove's answer.

Tory Minister Michael Gove says his party has not offered Nigel Farage a peerage
Tory Minister Michael Gove says his party has not offered Nigel Farage a peerage. Picture: PA

Mr Gove said it would come as a great surprise to him if someone from the Tory Party had been offering Brexit Party candidates bribes in order not to stand.

He said the Prime Minister has been "crystal clear" they don't want any pacts or deals in the upcoming General Election.

Mr Gove said he believed the Brexit Party's decision to stand candidates down was a "reflection many of its supporters recognise that it's only with a Conservative majority government that you can get Brexit done."

He said it was "striking" that former Labour MPs such as Ian Austin and John Woodcock stood down at this election, and that they had recommended people vote for Boris Johnson.

"Jeremy Corbyn would be a risk to national security.

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