Poor antenatal care led to the death of this caller's daughter

28 January 2023, 14:43

Caller shares how poor antenatal care led to the death of her daughter

By Grace Parsons

LBC caller tells Andrew Castle how neglect and dismissal led to her pregnant daughter's death.

Following on from the NHS trust which was fined £800,000 after admitting failings in caring for a baby who died after 23 minutes, this caller, Jennifer, tells Andrew Castle how poor antenatal care led to the death of her daughter.

Jennifer explained: "She went into hospital on the 16th of October and they told her... to go home - her waters had already broke three weeks beforehand."

After encouraging her daughter to call an ambulance, the emotional mother said: "I get another caller to say she's dead. Just dropped down dead on the floor, baby as well.

Now this baby was too big for her because she was a tiny, little person. All the babies she's had were only 3lb, this one was 8.5lb."

The mother explained: "Police came and a helicopter, they tried to revive her but she was already gone."

The caller told Andrew her daughter was given "no care at all".

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After the death of Wynter Andrews, the baby who died after 23 minutes, a court has heard the trust did not ensure staff were appropriately aware and trained over policies about caring for expecting mothers and delivering babies.

The failures were made worse by a lack of staff.

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