Shoppers are better protected than NHS staff, doctor admits

18 April 2020, 10:09 | Updated: 18 April 2020, 10:35

By Seán Hickey

This NHS worker revealed that there is such a shortage of equipment in hospitals that some medical workers are buying their own protection from building shops.

Mohammed told Andrew Castle the measures some workers in the NHS are taking to protect themselves and their families in the midst of a lack of PPE in the system.

He began by telling Andrew that the situation surrounding face masks is better left unsaid, as he hasn't as much as seen an FFP3 mask, the grade of mask recommended as best protection against coronavirus for medical staff.

Mohammed claimed that the measures put forward by Public Health England and the WHO should be changed to match with guidance in Italy and Spain, who have been seen to have weathered the peak of the virus outbreak in their countries.

The NHS worker claimed that the equipment provided in hospitals is "paltry in comparison" to what the general public have for their personal use when going shopping.

He revealed to Andrew that he had a visor donated to him by a person who made it by hand, but insisted that he doesn't know if it fits guidelines. Mohammed added that colleagues of his have stripped the shelves of builders providers for construction-grade visors which are now out of stock.

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Admitting the risk he's putting himself under in work every day, Mohammed told Andrew that "all it takes is one cough, you're wearing inadequate protection and you're infected".

Andrew wanted to know if Mohammed was nervous when he goes to work, to which he replied that he had come to terms with the dangers of his work. Andrew prodded to find out if he's concerned about the wellbeing of his family.

"I worry for my mum" Mohammed said. He claimed that he goes through excessive measures each day when he comes home to avoid infecting his mother, but feels as though he should go further to stop the possibility.

"I've thought about moving out" he revealed, pointing out intentions to move into a hotel near his hospital for the duration of the pandemic. "I don't want to bring the virus home to my mother" he insisted.