'They've shattered everybody's trust': Andrew Castle says Tories 'should be out for at least two terms'

17 June 2023, 13:11

Andrew Castle: The Tories have 'shattered' people's trust

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

After a tumultuous few days in politics, Andrew Castle said the Conservatives have let people down in "so many areas".

Andrew Castle felt the party has "mismanaged everything" and "probably should be out for at least two terms or three because they've shattered everybody's trust in them".

"People feel so let down by the mediocrity, not just of the Tory party, but they feel so let down in so many areas by Whitehall and by the government", he said.

"It is off the charts, the discontentment at the moment", Andrew reiterated.

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He then brought up the issue of housing affordability for young people, adding that this has long been a challenge under Tory leadership.

"Don't tell me that this wasn't seen looming on the horizon like a giant 'don't vote for me banner'", Andrew said.

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"George Osborne started it - he was hugely criticised at the time...he reduced the margins when it comes to being a landlord and the incentives and the motivation to be a landlord", he went on.

"Landlords are not the enemy", Andrew added, and acknowledged both sides: "There are some slumlords and they should be slung out, right, and there are tenants who are horrific and should be slung out.

"Really in the rental market and for people in their twenties now, they are utterly disappointed", he said.