Andrew Marr: Now it's time for Truss to win over the 'audience that matters'

6 September 2022, 18:13

Liz Truss needs to win Brits over, says Andrew Marr.
Liz Truss needs to win Brits over, says Andrew Marr. Picture: LBC

By Emma Soteriou

It is time for new Prime Minister Liz Truss to win over the "audience that matters", Andrew Marr has said.

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Opening Tonight with Andrew Marr, the presenter said despite Ms Truss managing to get Tory members onside, she still faced the challenge of winning over the general public, especially with growing concerns over cost of living.

"Liz Truss has spent the summer speaking to Conservative party members, who apparently asked her and Rishi Sunak around 600 questions," Andrew said.

"Now, at last, after circling southern England in her plane back from Aberdeen, then hitting the most terrential rainstorm as her motorcade arrived in Downing Street - that meant another delay - she was able to speak to the rest of us.

"This is Britain and the weather always takes precedence."

Andrew concluded: "Political responses are coming in thick and fast already and we will be hearing from Labour later.

"But the audience that matters, as I have said, is out in the country, struggling with bills, trying to work out how they can keep their little business, a lifetime’s dream, a lifetime’s work, afloat."

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Tonight with Andrew Marr: 06/09/22

It came after Andrew rounded up the events of the day, in which Boris Johnson officially stepped down from his role as PM and Ms Truss took his place.

"Constitutionally, and in terms of history and all that, the Queen has no real political power," Andrew said.

"But, it turns out, she does have a special Queenie magic power.

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"She can spirit Boris Johnson up to Scotland in the rain and tell him - you are no longer one’s first minister, matey.

"Then she can summon up Liz Truss, sprinkle on a little of the magic dust and give her - hey presto - utterly awesome powers.

"Take my advice: don’t mess with Queenie."