Anna Soubry Hits Back At Furious Caller Who Labels Her "Two-Faced"

21 February 2019, 11:30 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 11:36

This furious caller told Anna Soubry he was "disgusted" by her decision to leave the Conservatives and demanded that she holds a by-election.

Ms Soubry was one of three Tories who resigned from the party over its position on Brexit and has joined the Independent Group.

That infuriated Neil, who called in as she hosted her own LBC show, standing in for James O'Brien.

He told her: "I believe that you are a true democratic MP. So why don't you go back to your constituency and ask them for a true mandate.

"They didn't vote for you as an independent member. They voted for you as a Conservative."

Anna Soubry listening to Neil as he raged
Anna Soubry listening to Neil as he raged. Picture: LBC

Anna insisted: "My views haven't changed. My values, my principles, the mandate that I believe I had from the good people of Broxtowe has not changed.

"If it had changed, I think you'd be making a very good point. The problem is the Conservative Party has changed.

"So I don't think we need a by-election. The only vote I think we need is a People's Vote."

Neil them shouted at her: "You're being duplicitous, aren't you. You are out to derail Brexit.

"People like you disgust me. You disgust me. You're being two-faced and if you've got any respect for democracy at all, you'll go back to your electorate and ask them to support you.

"And you're frightened of that. They'll throw you out."

Anna asked him: "You're getting very angry.