Beverley Turner Tells The Police Exactly Where The Drug Problem Lies

15 October 2018, 11:59

Black people in England and Wales are almost nine times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs than white people according to a new report, but Beverley Turner says the drug problem lies somewhere very different.

The new report finds that black people were searched 8.7 times the rate in which white people were searched for drugs.

But speaking on her LBC show, Beverley Turner said that the issue of drugs was not one of race, but one of class.

"One local school in our area that had their Autumn fundraiser - the queue for the toilets was pretty much fully made up of parents doing coke in the loos," she said.

"Look, police officers. If you want to go and find who are using these drugs, go and knock on some of the doors of people having posh dinner parties in Richmond, and Kew, and Twickenham.

"Because there's quite a lot of drugs doing the rounds amongst that lot.

"So frankly, if I was a young black man getting a tap on the shoulder every couple of days, I'd be a bit hacked off about it."