Caller Tells David Lammy How Cocaine "Ruined Her Friend's Life"

16 August 2019, 16:50 | Updated: 16 August 2019, 17:09

The caller explained how her "sensible, family orientated" friend's saving went "straight up her nostrils".

Georgia told David Lammy how her friend's addiction started as a "weekend thing", but that she was now "absolutely hooked" on cocaine.

She explained how her friend "carried on down the route" and now takes the drug daily.

She told David Lammy the horrific impact cocaine has had on her friend's life, and said that she has broken contact with almost all of her family and only talks to her when she "wants something, usually money to get her fix".

When asked if her friend would be on cocaine as they spoke, Georgia replied that it was, "more than likely, yes"

Talking about the physical impact of cocaine on her friend, Georgia said, her nostrils are now "eroding in the middle".

"Last time I saw her, it was to the point where I didn't recognise her almost".

David Lammy heard the heartbreaking story about drug addiction
David Lammy heard the heartbreaking story about drug addiction. Picture: LBC

Georgia explained that she has suggested her friend get help, but she "doesn't want to admit she has a problem. Such a lovely girl with such potential has ruined her life. She's got no friends."

"She's hanging on by a thread."

Georgia continued that her friend's mother had "washed her hands with it" after she "stole a lot of money from her."

After hearing the harrowing story, David Lammy concluded that "it conveys the challenge of the problem facing our country".

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