Camilla Tominey blasts police for offering 'assistance' to Insulate Britain protesters

19 September 2021, 18:47

'Why not bring a tray of tea and biscuits while you're at it?'

By Tim Dodd

This was the moment Camilla Tominey hit out at police who "pandered to" Insulate Britain protesters blocking the M25 and told them "If you need any assistance, just let us know".

Camilla said: "I do refer to them as terrorists in the line up to this hour, because they've disrupted people going about their daily business, using very nefarious tactics that are actually illegal."

Camilla then referred to the devastated LBC caller whose mother was left partially paralysed by a stroke, after being delayed six hours in traffic by the climate protesters.

She continued: "The idea that these people are cuddly people because they're middle class, and they're the type of people that might apply to go on Pointless, I personally don't think is justification for them being pandered to by police officers.

'I was on the M25 to take my mother dying of cancer to a hospice.'

"If they were wearing football shirts, or indeed hoodies, they would've had a completely different response."

Camilla then played the clip of an officer telling the protesters "If you need any assistance at all, just let us know".

"Why not bring a tray of tea and biscuits while you're at it?" Camilla remarked.